Contributing Author Agreement

6. What if I have co-authors who contribute to this article? You must ensure that you have the consent of your co-authors to submit the publication article and that you have the right to sign the contribution agreement on their behalf. If they prefer, all authors can sign the agreement. Co-authors can either sign and return the same copy of the agreement, or each author can sign and return separate copies of the agreement. Does the contribution agreement allow me to respect certain donors and institutional mandates, including the NIH? A – Yes, THE SAGE CONTRIBUTOR ACCORDS allow all authors to publish archiving data in full compliance with funding bodies and institutional open archiving mandates. Exceptions are covered by the SAGE choice scheme. Please also respect your rights as an author. The recommendations of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors for the behaviour, coverage, writing and publication of scientific work in medical journals (ICMJE Recommendations 2018) recommend that paternity be based on the following four criteria: We appreciate that authors may be concerned that their work is not properly recognized if they form a group , but this is unfounded. Medline`s management can take charge of the author of the group and pay tribute to each one: The BCcampus Open Education team was in charge of the initial production of 54 new open manuals and 10 major adaptations. The invitation of the staff to participate was left to the lead author who had proposed the idea of the manual. This person was considered to be the best qualified person to make these decisions as an expert.

From the sideline, our project managers observed the interaction between the lead author and his contributors. We learned what worked and what didn`t, and how to avoid problems in the future. 10. Why do I have to compensate the Journal and SAGE? It is standard for all SAGE contributors to make certain guarantees for the Journal and the SAGE edition. This is simply because, as the author of the article, you are the only person who can assure us of the information mentioned in the guarantees, including that the article we publish is your own work and does not violate the rights of others.

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