Uipath Enterprise Edition License Agreement

In the Computer Vision section of the Other Services tab of the Licensing page, the amount of data (in megapixels) that can be processed each minute by our Computer Vision servers based on your license. Access to computer vision servers is granted on the basis of an API key. The key is generated automatically when you create your organization with your organization ID and is stored in Automation Cloud. The Document Understanding section of the Other Services tab of the Licenses page displays the usage authorization (in number of pages) that can be retrieved from our machine learning servers based on your Document Understanding license. du.uipath.com/ie/invoices?edition=enterprise I installed the latest version of the UiPath Studio Community Edition. I get an error message that says “local license required”. In orchestrator, I have a standalone license that is an Enterprise Edition trial license. The bot is only connected because of the Enterprise license. I only use the community edition, but not the corporate edition. How can I solve this? Because I need the trial license to continue learning RPA.

He got stuck in the last few days because of this mistake. I don`t know how to solve that. Please help me. Please note that you cannot request additional licenses during this plan. Request the Enterprise trial plan or contact us to upgrade to Enterprise. And once your trail period is over, your orchestrator automatically turns into a community edition. – resell, sublicense, assign, transfer, rent, lend or distribute licenses or rights acquired under the agreement, In the event of an opposition between the applicable license agreement and a valid license agreement signed between the customer and UiPath for the use of the UiPath RPA platform, the latter takes precedence in the scope of the conflict. For the Enterprise plan, the current number of licenses is the sum of the initial licenses plus any additional licenses you have requested that have already been granted by our sales team.

An enterprise licensing plan in your Cloud Automation does not mean that you have access to Enterprise Endpoint for Document Understanding. Access to Enterprise Endpoint is subject to another separate license. Select The appropriate UiPath Studio solution: free trial for business or Community Edition for individuals or small businesses. Hello Is there a restriction for organizations to use the community edition? how many users? Annual turnover? du.uipath.com/ie/invoices or du.uipath.com/ie/invoices?edition=community The number of licenses of each type depends on the licensing plan you selected when you adopted automation Cloud. With the Computer Vision API, you can license the AI Computer Vision Activities Pack in Studio. Example: C:UiPathPlatform.msi CODE=1234567890 /passive installs all the default functions and activates your license with a progress indicator. . . .

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