Settlement Agreement Sale Of Shares

The agreement and (iii) that the company and the seller enter into a trust agreement with the fiduciary agent, that the seller transfer all counterparty units with a trust agent (the “treuhandagenten”) within ten days of the transaction agreement or in any other way according to the management of the company (the “transfer”) and that the counter-shares to the shareholders (with the supplier) (the “eligible shareholders”) the regulatory requirements of the relevant legislation and practicality and the buyer becomes the property of the seller`s equity securities after the closing of the consideration distribution in accordance with the terms of the transaction agreement. Upon receipt of a written application from a potential employer, the company, in the form of Schedule 1, must submit a reference to this agreement, and any oral reference or questionnaire requested is rejected and a copy of the written reference in Schedule 1 is rejected. If, after the date of the agreement, the entity receives information that compromises its decision to indicate a reference in the form of Schedule 1, it informs the employee and may refuse to provide a reference. Subsidiary and holding company: For a company, a “subsidiary” and “holding company” is defined as Section 1159 of the “Companies Act 2006” and a company is treated as a member of another company for the sole purpose of affiliation with subsection 1159 (b) and (c) even if its shares in that other company are registered in the name (a) of another person (or its candidate). whether for security reasons or as part of a candidate`s safety investigation or b). The agreement below would be appropriate for an executive or director with shares that he or she will own and would like to negotiate as part of his withdrawal package. There is also a company car that is included in the agreement, and it also provides for the director to abandon his management. 7.2 At the time of this agreement, the employee guarantees that he has irretrievably deleted all information relating to the activities of the company or company of the group that he has stored on a magnetic or optical hard drive or memory, as well as any items from those sources that are in his possession or under his control outside the company`s commercial premises.

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