Arc Grant Agreements

12.22. Payments are made in accordance with the grant agreement. 10.3. Applications for grants for liaison projects are reviewed by detailed evaluators and a CS with general evaluators. 14.9. The final report must look at compliance with the conditions under which the funding was granted, as stipulated in the grant agreement. Section 6.8 of this directive. 6.37. We calculate the limits of projects and applications at the time of application and we can recalculate this limit if further announcements regarding the granting of sales opportunities are made, by setting the overall date of signing a grant agreement or a specified start date. 6.38.

It is your responsibility to determine whether the application or implementation of a project in accordance with these guidelines impairs an individual researcher`s adequacy to other CRA funding opportunities, as other CRA funding opportunities may have different limits for projects. We reserve the right to change the boundaries of projects and applications in future funding opportunities. All CRA grant policies for 2018 are available on GrantConnect. For the past few years, please visit the CRA website. b. consider all eligibility and evaluation criteria to be considered for a grant; 13.2. We may publish and notify the offers and offers granted, including the following project information: 10.27. CRA law states that the Minister must not approve a grant for an application that is not granted to 16.1. We may conduct a survey of eligible organizations after the results of each selection have been announced.

The results of the survey will be taken into account in the development of subsequent guidelines. 12.23. The grant offer indicates the amount approved for this project or, as we do, according to the grant agreement. H. The CEO will make recommendations to the Minister that can decide which requests for assistance will be accepted. the imperative criteria that must be met in order to qualify for a grant. In addition to the eligibility criteria, evaluation criteria may apply. 6.23.

A project can only begin when all ICcs and PNs meet the eligibility criteria for these guidelines. 14.5. You must submit an end-of-year report by March 31 in the following year for each calendar year for which the grant was awarded, in accordance with the instructions we make available each year. We provide the form for these reports in RMS with instructions on the CRA website. The expected completion date of the project activity and the grant issued by the recipient. a project funded under the terms of an existing funding agreement or grant agreement, or that benefits from CRA-approved funding or a change in the date of the approved project. We enter into a grant agreement with you via RMS. 15.1.

We will ensure that grant procedures are fair, in accordance with published grant guidelines, that appropriate safeguards against fraud, illegal activities and other inappropriate behaviour are fair and consistent with the CRA Act and the CGRG. d. how fellows are informed and receive grants; 12.26. Once the grant agreement is signed by the Commonwealth, the payment is made the next day available for grants after the grant begins. 12.1. If you succeed, you must enter into a legally binding grant agreement with the Commonwealth, which is represented by the CRA. .dem Minister`s funding recommendations for the national and eligible test of interest. an application to the RMS CRA for an amendment to the grant agreement. It is also called the Variation of Funding Agreement.

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